Our Business Proposition Is Focus

We are a San Diego based contracting software development team whose business proposition is to deliver very high quality software using cutting-edge but stable technology -- quickly and on an unmatched cost-performance basis.

With us, you see every dollar you spend directly translated into useful, flexible and user-friendly software. We are able to achieve this only because we specialize in software design and development -- nothing else.

We don't typically do, and we never charge for: general project management/planning, operations and support -- although we'll do it on a small scale just to enable or accelerate development.

There are other, full-service companies, that do all we don't. They however always charge for each and every of the above services in the form of a total end contract cost. It is up to you, the customer, to decide whether these additional services provide must-have additional value or are rather an overhead for your project.

Because of the limited but focused services we offer our clients should know exactly what they want and they should have complete control over their budget and resources -- upfront.

This allows us to operate based on our business plan and bring maximum value to our customers.

Are We a Good Match For You?

Yes, we are -- if you recognize yourself among the typical cases we've dealt with below:
  • Tried off-shoring and burnt by it? You need a re-design or re-implementation of your software, but you've already spent the 6-digits, and now have only a 5-digits amount available? We can do the job in time and on budget.
  • Tried recruiting firms, but not happy with the "bodies" supplied? Resumes presented do not match candidates abilities? Well, recruiters are not developers -- we are.
  • You know exactly what web-based software for your business you need, but you don't know a software development team? Need somebody to take care of every aspect of the project -- design, implementation, deployment, user training? We will take care of completing the product and we will prepare your staff for day-to-day operations.

We Have a Proven Track Record

Each one of our developers has a solid university education in Computer Science and more than 15 years of industry experience as a Principal Software Engineer. Take a look at some of the profiles.

Svetlin Stanchev
Project Manager and Principal Software Engineer

Svetlin holds a M.S. degree in Comp Sci and Math from Sofia University and has studied in the Comp Sci PhD program at New Mexico Tech. He has 15 years of industry experience. His specialties are web services, server-side Java development, Android and Google technologies. He has successfully completed projects at Intuit Inc, BD BioSciences Inc. and SalePoint Inc.

Ivo Stoyanov
Principal Software Engineer

Ivo holds a M.S. degree in Comp Sci and Math from Sofia University. He has 20 years of industry experience. He is equally adept at open source technologies like Java and Linux as well as proprietary platforms like .NET. Additionally, he has significant experience in databases, data warehousing and security. Ivo has worked for Ioko, Motorola Inc and Stellcom/Calamp, among others.


“Over the last 10 months Svetlin was a key member of small team working under tight time constraints to get out a new product. With Svetlin's help our product came out on time with no defects. He's very detailed oriented and works with very minimal direction." Kevin McCluskey, Sr. Dev. Manager at Intuit

“Svetlin worked for me for a year on a Java project. He took on incomplete system, completed it and cleaned up the code. Svetlin is easy to work with, quite intelligent and resourceful.” Steve Morgan, Program Manager, Global Customer Systems at BD BioSciences

“Ivo was our project architect at the Motorola PKI Center. He excelled at analyzing, assimilating, and distilling information from multiple sources. Ivo evaluated project objectives and scope for feasibility, created project roadmaps, identified appropriate technology patterns, provided programming expertise, and assisted staff members of all levels with their technical questions. Simply put, our projects would not have succeeded without Ivo.” Charles Shapiro, Prin. Security Software Engineer, Motorola

“Ivo worked for me as a senior developer on various projects while at Stellcom. He reported to me directly on a strategic datawarehousing project for a fortune 500 company. Ivo provided technical knowledge and services which helped ensure the projects success. He has keen attention to detail and took the inititative to explore potential technical roadblocks before we encountered them thereby, limiting our risks on the project. I would work with Ivo again if given the chance.” Dan Joseph, Account Manager, Program Manager, Stellcom